Who is ESME for?

ESME is for anyone who values there privacy and the security of their SMS communication.

ESME is not meant to replace your default SMS client, but to add the ability to selectively send, secure encrypted messages over the standard SMS service, provided by your cell service / mobile phone provider.

This can give you privacy in a variety of scenarios where information is confidential and an extra layer of security is required or where the possibility that messages are being recorded or accessed by a third party is high. ESME will ensure these messages are unreadable to anyone but the sender any the recipient within the specified time frame.

ESME will stop ease dropping on messages through interception or through local app access. The encrypted messages can only be decrypted and read through the ESME app.

ESME is anonymous, we don’t hold information on you. We don’t give out telephone numbers, we can’t decrypt your messages or views pins or passwords.