Encrypt and Auto Expire your SMS Messages

With ESME you can…

*Send and receive encrypted SMS messages.
*Auto expire your sent SMS, stopping it being decrypted after a set number of hours.
*Pin / Password or fingerprint protect your encrypted messages.

*No ads
*No signup (No personal information required)
*No internet connection required. (Standard SMS messaging used)
*Reinstall reset protection
*Time tamper detection

SMS messages can only be decrypted by the phone number they are sent to, that phone needs a valid ESME app installed. This app does not replace your default SMS App.

Keep your SMS messages private. Stop your SMS being read by
*Your phone service / SMS gateway provider, Employer.
*Rouge spyware and apps on your phone.
*Anyone with access to your phone, lost or taken.
*Anyone except the SMS recipient and you.

** An sms to a UK standard mobile number is required to register and setup your encryption keys the first time you install the app.
Normal SMS message rates apply, this is not a premium service.
No readable numbers or pins or passwords are stored. Only hashed data for the single initial registration SMS, this is to stop the reinstall of the application setting a new local pin as the app is not reliant on the internet being available.


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